How to Make a Web App with Rheti

Rheti is mostly known for building native Android apps, but it can also create web apps very easily.

To do this, Rheti uses a feature called a “web page container”, which allows any website, or section of a website, to be turned into an app for someone to download.

To make a web app with Rheti, simply insert the web page container into your app and enter the URL of the site you want to display. Publish the app, and you’ll be able to share your website as a downloadable app.

As an example, you can see the Rheti website as a downloadable app in the screenshot below on the left (in preview mode, so there is a preview watermark).

You can also make part of your app a web app, and another part a native app. For example, the below app on the right includes a web app to include the Grooveshark website, with native features on the top that allow users to turn bluetooth on and off.