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What is it?

Rheti is a way for you to create and share native Android apps for free on your smartphone. Simply download Rheti from the Google Play store, select the “new app” option, and start adding, editing, and connecting features to build apps with touch commands.

What does connecting features mean?

Rheti was designed around the observation that every app is just a collection of features put together in creative ways. A “button feature,” a “take photo” feature, and a “save to disk” feature equals a camera app. A “when it’s 8 AM” feature and a “make loud noise” feature equals an alarm app:



Rheti empowers you to connect these kinds of features together however you want,  in just seconds. Want to make an app that turns the lights off in your house when you aren’t at home? Connect a GPS feature to a light switch feature. Want an app that turns the bluetooth in your car on, disables texting, and starts your music all at once? Simply connect these features.

How is this different from a drag-and-drop builder?

We like to say that comparing a drag-and-drop app builder to Rheti is like comparing a car to a flying car. With Rheti you’re making native apps rather than web apps, which means more functionality, faster speeds, and complete customization. You aren’t simply dragging and dropping like you would with web editors: you’re adding, editing and connecting features together.

How does it work?

With Rheti the process of building an app is a quick series of touch commands. Themes come with everything you need to build an app for businesses, restaurants, weddings, vacations, and many more. If you have an idea for a theme you don’t see, you can build your own theme and share it. You can also start from scratch, or edit a theme you choose however you like.

To add features to your app, simply press anywhere on the screen and choose from a list. To edit a feature or connect it to another feature, long press on the feature that you’ve inserted and another menu will appear.

Once you’re done building swipe to the left and live preview your app, or choose to instantly publish.


What would I want to build an app with Rheti for?

It is really up to you, your unique life, and your imagination. Rheti is great if you want an app for your wedding, your organization, or your business. If you want to get everything you can out of your phone by making custom apps, Rheti is perfect for that, too. Click here to check out a list of available features

We strongly encourage people to use Rheti in ways that have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we created it.


How long does it take?

From scratch, creating an app usually takes about twenty minutes. If you choose to use a theme or a template, it can take as little as five minutes.

Is it really free?

Rheti lets you make apps and host for free. No monthly fees.

Some premium features and themes on the Rheti Marketplace can be bought for small, one-time amounts. These are completely optional and we’ll never ask you to give us money to host an app. We also allow you to create and sell your own themes, features and apps, so you can actually make money with Rheti if you want.