Add a PayPal Feature

Add a PayPal Feature to Your Rheti App

Rheti makes it easy to add a PayPal feature into your app. This tutorial will show you the steps it takes to connect Rheti with your PayPal account.

1. Go to Sign in to the upper left. If you don’t have an account, signing up and verifying your email address should take less than 5 minutes. 

2.  Click on “Applications” in the top left menu.

3. Click on the blue “Create app” button in the top right hand side and name your Application.

4. Under “Rest API Credentials” you will see your Client ID and Secret under Test Credentials and Live Credentials. We recommend that as you’re building your app, you utilize the test credentials Client ID and secret and only change them when you are ready to publish your app. Either copy and paste or manually write in these codes into your Rheti app.

This can be done by going to “Account” from the Rheti main screen, selecting the “Account Settings” tab, going to “Services”, and selecting the PayPal icon.


5. Insert the PayPal feature into your app.

That’s it!